Is Dr. Who a genre unto itself? «concluding observations»


☞ Is Dr Who, like Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, or the Bible, for that matter, a genre unto itself? Is it unique enough to stand on its own?

“It seems to me that though stories may create or be the first instances of a new genre, a specific story, series or even fictional universe is not in and of itself a genre or sub-genre, as those are always classifications into which particular stories may fit. Similarly, Star Wars (movies, TV shows, novels, games, toys and all) is never listed as a member of the “Star Wars” genre, but as SF, space opera, or what have you. But am I wrong here? Is there reliable information that Dr. Who is truly its own genre or sub-genre?

This may involve the issue of whether another story could be written, which had many of the trappings of a Dr. Who story (being a comedy, drama, and sci-fi at once) without involving the characters of Dr. Who or even taking place in the Whoniverse, and still be described as a “Dr. Who story”, in the sense of falling within the Dr. Who genre. In my opinion it wouldn’t be enough for such a story to be considered to be Dr.-Who-like; rather, it would have to fall within the Dr. Who genre, which after all would be a category where something is either in or out.”

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