Adam Bingham on Ma Nuit chez Maud

Français : Eric Rohmer à la cinémathèque française

Eric Rohmer at the Cinémathèque Française (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

❝Well, Rohmer’s Ma Nuit chez Maud never fails to move me beyond words. Religious & moral in the best possible sense of the words in that it deals with an individual’s personal convictions, and explores – openly, wittily, without pretension or condescension – their viability. It is at once quite formal, exhaustively scripted & intricately constructed, but also breezily naturalistic. And it is also a great portrait of French provincial life, its mores, morays, customs & modes of social intercourse. Indeed, how people relate to each other, how they conceal, reveal, hide from & open up to each other, and how space, place, season, chance, design, etc factor into this, is Rohmer’s kingdom. And in this kingdom Eric Rohmer is most certainly the king.❞
— String of tweets by Adam Bingham @adambingham


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