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“Wong Kar Wai’s films feel like they all belong…”


Wong Kar Wai’s films feel like they all belong to the same world — a dreamy 1960’s Hong Kong where all the characters chain smoke, listen to exotica and have fantastic wall paper. Sadly, I’ve been told that Hong Kong isn’t really like this…❞ — Matthias Saunders


❝ If the 20 minutes he spent on the show are any indication, then Cruise never stops working because he apparently spends his every waking moment playing a character named Tom Cruise.

It’s a role that demands huge commitment, discipline and dedication. Most of all it means never letting your guard down, never giving anything away, never appearing out of control and, from the looks of things, never relaxing. ❞

On Tom Cruise’s role in Jack Reacher — or on Tom Cruise diligently playing “Tom Cruise” (which he does all the time) — from The Marlborough Express

If the 20 minutes he spent…


English: Toby Jones (Dobby)

There’s always panic when you’re playing someone as iconic as Hitchcock,… There’s that suspicion you might not have done that bit of research that would be crucial. I’m trying to make myself enough like that person so that it doesn’t become distracting.

Toby Jones on playing Hitchcock, in HBO’s The Girl


There’s always panic…


Hitchcock was such a master of putting on screen things that made you uneasy. Somebody once asked him what frightened him most, and he said the police. He came from a poor background. I think he understood those fears. He hated the thought of sudden violence. He was always wanting to be in control. And his films reflect that at any moment it can happen — your life is in control and then bam. He had such simpatico with the audience.

Anthony Hopkins on Hitchcock

“Hitchcock was such a master…”